The Committee

EuroHash 2017 is organised by a committee. From the beginnings, when there was only one or two persons, driving the process and get everything started, up to now, the committee has been growing as new tasks have come up and new challenges had to be met.

Besides the people in the committee there are lots of helping hands getting one or the other thing done. Without all these people, EuroHash 2017 would never have come into existence.


General Manager

King Ralph

After having started the whole EuroHash 2017 adventure, his job as chairman of the committee is to make sure everything runs according to plan.

Besides, he is in charge of the website (that you are just visiting) as well as managing the event and venue, legal affairs and collaboration with the authorities.

And he is the only one to blame for everything.

webchef (..)

Vice Chairman
Registrar and
Chief Payment Manager

Lord GloBalls (OVH)

In charge of registration management including setting up the respective processes. Also a committee member of the first hour he is involved in all decisions that are taken.

He also is the person to deal with the mess we have with US banks. Thanks to his patience and his will, we got and will get all problems sorted out, even without PayPal. In the end, everybody will be happy!

registrar (..)

Marketing Manager Barefoot

Promoting the event by all means into the Hash World. Make sure, nobody can come later saying something stupid like "I never heard about EuroHash..."

Besides that Barefoot is a valuable member of the committee and always coming up with these little questions (like "-- I still don't clearly understand why ---") that bring you back to the right track.

marketing (..)

Quarter Mistress
(Accommodation Manager)

Casting Couch

Nomen est omen!

Casting Couch is in charge of finding good and well priced accommodation, well located for our purposes and on top coming up with a good price.

hotels (..)

Trail Master

Stormin' Norman (OVH)

In charge of finding great run locations and planning enough beer stops! Works closely together with the Hare Master

trailmaster (..)

Hare Master

Free Willy

In charge of managing the hares, local as well as travelling hares. Works closely with the Trail Master.
Can only be reached by Trail Master.

trailmaster (..)

The Third Man


Organizing the Third Man event. Making sure this is going to be a truly hashy event.


Logistics Manager

Justin Beaver

Responsible for solutions to all logistical challenges we meet during the event. Has the right to requisition all means of transport and all supplies wherever he can get them. He is also commanding our support groups.

logistics (..)

Leisure Mistress
(Touristic Programme Management)

Mata Hairy

She is in charge of the touristic part of the whole weeks programme with a special focus on Tuesday (see programme page). Mata Hairy is in the touristic business for many years and knows all the people you need to know to get something special going. Besides running her incoming tourism agency ArteMezzo, she is a true Harriette!

please use:

Survival Guide

Horse Dick

We know, a lot of visitors from overseas believe, Vienna is a nice city stuck in the 19th century. Horse and carriage on the roads and the imperial post office still opening each letter for inspection. But the truth is, this city has arrived in the 21st century about 100 years ago! We have all you have over there and we even have more! It only needs a little information sometimes...

The EH Survival Guide (person) is in charge of collecting all information that might be of help to our visitors and publish this survival guide (book) on a website for easy access.

survival (at)


As you can see, the committee has been growing since we started the whole adventure with just one name on the list. And now, with only a few month to go, we have covered a big part of the event. But of course, there will be more tasks to come up and the committee will keep on growing!