Registration Proxies

Registration Proxies are Hashers helping with the registration of other Hashers from remote countries. Their task is mainly to ensure an easy way to pay for EuroHash 2017. Though international bank transfers are no problem nowadays, in some countries it is a permanent struggle convincing local bank managers to do it. Also in some countries banks ask for ridiculous fees for an international transfer or they do not offer international transfers in their online bank systems. All this being signs of a 18th century banking system but still reality.

To ease the payment process for Hashers from abroad, we have set up the Registration Proxy - Concept. Read more about the concept below.

At this stage, the following Registration Proxies offer their help:

List of Registration Proxies
Country Registration Proxy Status Proxy for Reputation  Remarks
 Australia Souvenir
(in Europe known as: Mindphuck)


New Zealand

Personally known to EH17 Committee
Hashing with VH3 in the past
Registration witch for InterHash 2000
Banking details, exchange rate and fee will be communicated with your registration confirmation. You will get the option to pay directly to us or to Souvenir.
United States Lord GloBalls (OVH)



Member of VH3 Masthead
Personally known to EH17 Committee
Known as the most reliable administrator!

All details will be communicated with your registration confirmation.
United Kingdom Lord GloBalls (OVH)



see above

see above
Czech Republic Sloppy Stool



Personally known to EH17 Committee
GM of Prague H3

Banking details, exchange rate and fee will be communicated with your registration confirmation. You will get the option to pay directly to us or to Sloppy Stool.
Malaysia Hardy Boy



Known to senior international hashers

All details will be communicated with your registration confirmation.


And here is the story:

Since we will definitely not use other payment methods like PayPal, credit cards etc. (all of them being expensive, asking a lot of software work on our side, holding back money, etc.) we have developed a more hash-like system to ensure international money transfer within the hashing world. We call it

Registration Proxies

The concept basically copies the Arabic "HA WA LA" System, which goes back to the early middle ages and is still used to transfer money world wide without involving banks (estimations talk about a legal transaction volume of 100-300 billion Euro a year!). In the end, it is about paying money to trusted persons and they will make other trusted persons in another country pay this money out to the receiver. It is all about trust and it works. It is not illegal as long as the payer and receiver are known and records of the transactions are kept.

Adopting this idea, we are inviting trusted Hashers to act as Registration Proxies in their countries (see the list of already qualified Registration Proxies at the top of this page).

Here is how it works (subject to change as we go):

Process Steps Remarks
EuroHash 2017 Committee asks for Registration Proxies. We have started this already by putting this information online. First Proxies have been assigned (see list at the top of this page).
Volunteers step forward and contact us. Send us a note using the contact form on this website.
We will get in touch with you and ask for further information. This will include:
  • Name, Hash Handle, Address, etc.
  • A scan of your passport (we have to make sure, we stay legal...)
  • Your banking details
  • Currency and exchange rate to be used
  • Maximum amount you want to deal with (number of registrations)
  • terms and conditions (see below) (Reg.Proxy will ask for a fee as well and has to take care of exchange rates)
  • References (if you are not known to us yet)
And we will discuss how and when you transfer the registration fees to us (maybe on the occasion of a holiday trip to Europe?).
We will check all information and try to get some references. In most cases, we should know people that you know...
Anyway. once we accept you as a Registration Proxy, we will publish your Hash Handle as registered Registration Proxy.
Once Registrations from your country come in, we will confirm the registrations providing the Registration Proxy's banking information as an alternative payment method. Registration Proxy will get a copy of the registration.
Registration fee is paid by you either to EuroHash 2017 directly or to the Registration Proxie's account. Registration Proxy informs us about the payment and the registration will be changed to status "Paid Proxy" in the Who's Cumming list.
Risk from that moment on is with the Registration Proxy. If the money is lost, you still stay registered and we will have to hunt the Proxy!
Registration Proxy will transfer the money to us on the agreed way (in Euro).

Registrations will be credited and the registration will be changed to "paid".
Risk is with EuroHash 2017 Committee.

After successful closing, the Registration Proxy will gain credits which will be shown in the Registrations Proxy's profile. Maybe the Registration Proxy wants to volunteer again...

Please note:
This concept still is "work in process" and can be changed according to needs as we go along.