Bids for EuroHash 2019

We are publishing information on bids for EuroHash 2019 on this page. The bid will take place during our Party on Saturday night.
Please do not contact us with questions, we also have no idea. We just copy and paste...


Bid#1 - Hashes of Scotland

This is the winner of the vote during Saturday Night Party!

As some of you may have heard on the grapevine, a bid for Eurohash 2019 will be put forward from the hashes of Scotland, led by the founder of the Shetland Simmer Dim Hash, Cockatool.

The proposal is to charter a cruise liner for around 800 to 1000 people and travel the northern isles of Scotland. It will depart from the Port of Leith in Edinburgh, where the pre-event red dress run will be held. Upon boarding the ship, after a night of partying on board, it will arrive in the Orkney isles, formally home of the British Grand Fleet, but now home to two award-winning breweries, two award-winning whisky distilleries, one gin distillery and the UK’s most northerly winery! After undertaking one of the many runs on the island, you’ll be able to spend some free time on the island before boarding the ship for the next leg of the journey. After another night of partying on-board, you will arrive on the island of Shetland, home of Britain’s most northerly breweries and Gin distillery as well as the infamous ponies and the home of the Shetland Simmer Dim hash. Once again a variety of runs/walks/black nose cab trails will be set, in places such as the white stane of Willies, Pund of Gruntin or Twatt! Based on cost and timing, the ship may then sail to the Faeroe isles or will sail to its final port of call, Aberdeen. The final series of trails will be laid around the county of Aberdeenshire, where the weekend will be closed.

The intention is that this will occur on the weekend of the 16 to 19 August, which is the weekend prior to UK Nash Hash, pencilled in to be held in the Scottish borders, allowing both events to be undertaken as part of the same itinerary. It will be an all-inclusive event, with a registration fee of about £150pp to cover the costs of food, beer, transport, items, etc whilst not on-board the ship. In addition, there will be an additional cost to cover the cost of chartering the cruise liner which will be based on the level of accommodation chosen. Accurate costing for this are still being put together, but will be in place prior to the bid being put forward. Initial figures suggest a cost range of ca.£300pp for a an inner 4 berth cabin, to ca.£1200pp for the presidential suite, with the average cost being about ca.£500pp for an outer cabin. Room selection will be based on a first come first served basis with room selection being made online in 2018. The event has had over 3 years of planning prior to this proposal and as such is confident enough to be able to go live and take registrations at the Eurohash Vienna event, if it is successfully awarded the 2019 event.

Note of EuroHash2017-Webmaster:
Please be aware that August 2019 will be after the Brexit has taken place! No more Visa-free travel for Europeans!

Bid#2 - Mijas H3, Spain

Welcome to Sunny Spain, the home of the Mijas Hash House Harriers.
We would like to invite you to come Down Down Down to the Costa Del Sol, for a week of Beer, Sun, Sea, Sangria and Sex for some !
It also just happens to be our 30th Anniversary in May 2019 and this is when we propose to hold Eurohash 2019. The main event is the weekend of the 17th to the 19th May 2019. The Idea is to have a quality event which will run pretty much in the same way as our 1000th run in 2007 which was a tremendous success.
For those wanting to see more of this amazing part of Spain, Pre and Post lubes will be available and will be advertised at a later date. To whet the appetite, In and around the coast, from Malaga, as far as Gibraltar and beyond, with the help of our neighbouring hash chapters, including our well known Red Dress Run, our Gibraltar Run, the Famous Caminito del Rey, and Running of the Bulls in Cadiz.
We have already spoken with some of our main Hotels in Fuengirola, they will be giving us excellent deals, and again we will be giving you the option to stay for as long as you like. A weekend is never enough in Mijas!
We will be offering a range of runs to suit everyone, from the ballbreakers to the snail trail and everything in between. With rivers still flowing from the winter rain, the spring flowers out, it is without doubt the best time to visit the Costa del Sol.
So come on down, with flights from all over Europe to Malaga it makes for an easy trip.
Registration starts at €130 for the first 100 registered Eurohashers, then €150 for the next 100 €180 for the next 100 and €200 for any late comers this is excluding hotels.  If our bid is successful we will be taking registrations at the Eurohash Vienna event, no cash required.
So come to Mijas Por Favor

Note of EuroHash2017-Webmaster:
It looks like Spain will still be part of the European Union by May 2019. But you never know, maybe you will need a visa travelling through Catalonia! The Brexit may also lead to Gibraltar asking for a Visa (just in case you intend to go to the Gibraltar Run).


Bid#3 - FETHIYE H3, TURKEY 26th to 29th September 2019

Dear All: This bid was presented during the Party on Saturday Night. This written information came too late to be published in time. However, we put it online for documentation purposes.

The EuroHash came to Turkey, Cappadockya in 1999 under the Ankara H3 flag. In 2009 again EuroHash was at Kemer, near Antalya under the Antalya H3 flag.
Now to stay in step every 10 years, a tradition, Fethiye H3 with the support of the Turkish Kennels wish to Bid for EuroHash2019.

The dates from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th September. At that time of year the sea temperature is about 24 degrees C so plenty of swimming and water sports can be carried out, sailing, sub-aqua diving, sail boarding etc.
This will also be the 14th anniversary of Fethiye H3.
A traditional program is envisaged with the use of the Fethiye boat tourist fleet to transport hashers to the start of the main Saturday  trails.  This would give the opportunity for Down Downs on board with swimming and floating in the sea.  The thought has come to my mind that all the “fleet” meet on one of the twelve islands in Fethiye for more celebrations!

For accommodation we are working closely with Ghislain Sirelles owner of Cachet Travel Agency of London who has great experience of the Fethiye area, Turkey and also Crete, Greece. Basically any quality of hotel accommodation is available.  We can accommodate more than 2,000 hashers and the thought of Likya World an all inclusive resort is a very good possibility.  

The options outside the Hash world are amazing with lots of places to go, see and take part in.
Oludeniz (The Dead Sea!),  throw yourself off Mount Babadag (Father Mountain!) and land on the beach!
With Dalyan, visit the Koycegiz lake, get a warm sulphur bath then get muddied up in a beauty mud bath, a swim to clean it off!  Then off to turtle beach for more swimming and sun bathing.

Further away, Cappadockyia of course with the balloon flights in the Fairy Chimney valleys..
Like the Mijas H3 of Spain, we have all the sun as well that is why over 5,000 brits have settled in the area, 300 days of sunshine as compared to UK 300 days of rain and overcast grey skies!
There are so many positive things for the Fethiye area and even more so with western Turkey as a whole.  

Therefore we will  be contacting the Turkish Tourist Authority to guide us with 2,000 plus punters we can get group discounts.  So enjoy while you  can.  With Ghislain’s assistance, knowing the mayor of the town, the police and gendarme senior officials I expect a close working relationship. Also we are considering sponsorship to keep the registration fees to a minimum or a higher level of entertainment!

Yes, you are right there is a political issue, I worked at the British Embassy in Ankara for 11 months and the British Consulate General Istanbul.  Therefore, I will be contacting my old colleagues for advice.  Just in case though, as mentioned, Crete could be on the cards instead and I will then work closely with the Athens H3, I worked at the British Embassy Athens for three years as well, lucky chap I am.  There gaining my 100 run pewter mug!

So, just to add a little more information, there are also the Blue Cruises in the gullets around the beautiful Marmaris peninsular, Bodrum, Kas and Kalkan. As I mentioned, you are just going to have such a good and memorable time, it will remain with you for the rest of your lives, guaranteed!
Now, those interested in the battle beaches of Gallipoli, a visit there is well worth while.  The Dardanelles and Troy.  All this with local knowledge.  With Gallipoli, when I was GM organised weekend wild camping trips, sleeping on the beach, oh the stars, very little light pollution.
Talking of Troy also other major world renowned archaeological sites, Ephesus, Parmukale, you are just spoilt for choice!!  Aren’t we lucky, the ones that live there, paradise!  

Costs, that is still being worked out but it will be on par with Mijas H3 as a guide. Volunteer Hares and other assistances will have the Early Bird price to offer encouragement.  Paper Registration will start on EuroHash2017 on confirmation of winning the bid.  A simple web site will also be set up in due course, I believe in KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!
So price recap: -
The first 100 = €XXX  The second 100 = €XXX + €20, The third 100 = €XXX +  €40, after that €XXX + €60 within 3 months of the dates, 26th June €XXX + €80.
So what does that mean = Bloody buy early!
There will be a separate registration fee for the Red Dress Run but to keep things flexible, you do not need to register for the main event.  This is a charity event and the proceeds firstly to Hashers in ill health the second to assist the Turkish Adam Adam team in their fund raising efforts e.g. higher class disabled wheel chairs.

Istanbul H3 Pre-Lube or Constantinople!
The thought at the moment is a Pre-Lube in Istanbul with a first part of the hash run on the European side then a Bosphorus boat trip to where it opens into the Blacksea, and the second part of the Hash Run at Anadolu Kavagi near the fortress on the Asian side, into the fish restaurants and back down the Bosphorus to Sultanahmet.  A very beautiful site and a fantastic city.  Negotiations are in progress for this to happen with Istanbul H3.  I was the GM for three years of IH3and another 100 run pewter mug!


Can’t keep it a secret forever!

Come to FETHIYE and get SUN BURNT!

I am sure I have forgotten something!  Yes, for you long distance walkers the Lycian Way!

Yes, Turkey is not part of the European Union and is unlikely to be by September 2019!

Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa.

Chief Volunteer!