How to register in the Late Registrations

There are some left places available and we have put up a "Late Registration" System.

At the moment, there are the following late registrations available:

  • The Main Event - EuroHash 2017
  • The Red Dress Run

(Besides this, artemezzo has re-opened registration for some of the events. Please see the  Programme page to see which ones are open. Use the link to registration there to get to the artemezzo page (you have to be logged in to see it).


How to register late

Registration forms can be found in the "Late Registrations" menu in the community.

Follow instructions on that page and in the forms.

If you don't have a login

If you still don't have an account with us, you have to sign up for the community. Please read How To Sign Up For Community

You need a registration for each single person

Other Information

  • You can register for RDR without a EuroHash 2017 registration. We have some cases like that.



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