How To Buy A Paid Registration

As registration numbers are slowly reaching the 800 which is the maximum we can accept, we provide a way to buy and transfer registrations from one person to another.

This How-To explains what you have to do to buy a registration from someone else and have it transferred to you. (There is a detailed "How To" for people wanting to sell their registrations - How to sell and transfer your registration).

This article describes the process of transferring a registration from another person to you. This is an online process and the only possibility to transfer a registration. Please do not send us emails asking us to do this for you.

What you have to know:

  • The transfer process will be opened at the end of the year 2016
  • Once we had to freeze certain fields in the registrations (like T-Shirt Size once we order the shirts), these cannot be changed any more. This means the buyer of the registration will have to accept the bookings of the seller. So if you are a 2 meter man and you buy a registration from a 1.64 meter woman you might not be too happy with the T-Shirt you get...
  • Only fully paid registrations can be transferred to another person.
  • The Transfer of your registration also transfers any paid Red Dress Run-Registration and the Bash-Registration to the buyer. These are linked to the main registration.
  • You have to be registered as a community member to have a registration transferred to you. (How to sign up for the community). You should not register for EuroHash2017 with the registration form! Only sign up to the community.
  • In case you have already registered for EuroHash (and your status is "payment requested"), you should read How to buy a registration if I am already registered.
  • You can contact the owner of a registration that is for sale through the community area (see below) and negotiate with him or her. Once your negotiations are completed, the owner has to transfer his registration to your account.
  • All negotiations are done by the buyer and the seller directly. To help you we have started to collect some ideas on what you should think of during the negotiations. (What to discuss when transferring your registration)
  • EuroHash 2017 does not provide any financial clearing. You do it directly!
  • If a registration is not fully paid (see "Amount Due" in your My Profile/Payment Details), the credit will also be transferred to the buyer and collected upon Check-In at the venue.
  • Registrations can be sold to Hashers and Harriettes only.

How it works:

Step 1 - You want to buy a registration that is for sale

First of all, you have to login to the community area. If you are not yet a member, you have to sign up for the community (How to sign up for the community).

  1. Login to the community.
  2. Go to "Member Lists" and then open the "Registrations for Sale"-list in the pull-down menu at the top right. Or you just open the same list in the "The Event/Registrations for Sale" menu.
  3. If there are no registrations for sale, the list will be empty and that is bad luck for you.
  4. If there are registrations for sale, the list will provide the registration number and the Hash Handle of the owner, as well as the country (which might be important when it comes down for you to pay the owner).
  5. Choose a registration and click on the Hash Handle. This will open the owners public (only when you are logged in!) profile and you can contact him using the "Become a Friend" menu. This friendship request will open a little message box where you can say you want to buy this registration.
  6. After committing the request, the owner of the registration will receive an email with your request.

Step 2 - The buying process

The owner of the registration has received your friendship request with you telling you want to buy this registration. The request has to be approved by the owner.

From then on you can communicate through the community ("Friends" in your profile) and negotiate your transfer. To support this, we have put together an article providing a checklist on what to discuss (What to discuss when transferring your registration).

Once you are clear and the registration is paid for, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3 - Unlocking the registration for transfer

The owner of the registration has to unlock the registration and authorize us to transfer his registration to you. This process will take a couple of days and you will receive a notification from us once the transfer has been completed.

Step 4 - Update the registration information

After the completed transfer, you have to make sure to update all registration information in your profile (T-Shirt Size, diet, Run, Events you want to attend....)
There is a "How To" on Changing Registration Information.


Perfect, now you are registered for EuroHash 2017!


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