Visa Support

If you are travelling from a country other than a member state of the European Union, you might need a visa to enter the country.

Please check in time with the Austrian Embassy or Consulate in your country what documents they require.

In some cases, the embassy will tell you that you need an invitation by a private person or by Vindobona Hash House Harriers. This is not possible for us to provide for 2 reasons

One is that Vindobona Hash House Harriers are no legal entity, which means, they cannot issue any official document.

Second, no private person would file an invitation for someone other than his nearest family, because this invitation also means, you have to pay all unpaid bills, like hospital fees or deportation costs in case the invitee doesn't pay.

In almost 100% of the cases, you will get a standard tourist visa by providing your booked flight and a confirmation of your hotel booking from your hotel.

In some cases it might be good to have a little letter from EH17 committee that is confirming your registration for the event. This letter has no legal effect, but it looks nice in your visa application. We are providing this letter on demand. Please come back to us.



The Committee


Useful Link: Ministry of Foreing Affairs of the Republic of Austria



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