What to discuss when transferring your registration

Transferring a registration for EuroHash 2017 is possible and there is an online system in place for it. The whole process only covers the actual transfer of the registration, but not the negotiations and the financial clearing.

As a service we want to point you to some things to think about when discussing a transfer.

  • For the buyer: Is the registration that you are going to buy fully paid? If not (i.e. bank charges) we will cash them during registration at the event. The seller or the registration should confirm to you it shows "0" in the "Amount Due"-Field of the payment details in the profile. Any "Amount Due" will be transferred to the buyer as well and should therefore be part of your negotiations.
  • Hotel Bookings: You should discuss the hotel bookings. If the seller has booked through our system, the booking is already paid (credit card) but transferable. You should think about transferring the hotel booking.
  • Red Dress Run - and BASH Registrations that you have bought through the artemezzo system will be transferred as well!
  • Think about pre- and post-lubes (not organized by the EuroHash 2017 Committee) that have been booked. Cancel or transfer them as well. To do so you have to contact those organizers directly, EuroHash cannot do this for you.
  • The buyer can change any registration information after the transfer has been processed. This way he can adapt the registration to his needs, as long as thesse fields are still open (T-Shirt Size, diet restrictions, etc.). But you should bear in mind, that closer to the event, we are going to freeze certain fields because we cannot allow any changes any more. Like the T-Shirt size will be frozen once we are going to order the Shirts.
    Besides the implications on the value of the registration, you might want to discuss how you post the not fitting T-Shirt to the seller.
  • Money transfer is always an issue. Make sure you discuss how to transfer the money and how to deal with related costs. EuroHash Committee will not transfer any money and take part in the payment process anyway. You have to do it directly.

That is all that comes to mind at the moment, but maybe you have more things to add. Please let us know...


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