How To Buy A Paid Registration if your are already registered

With the Transfer System being installed we had some requests of people to transfer a registration to someone who has registered already. Due to the layout of our systems we are not able to do this.

What you have to do:

  • The buyer of the registration has to get rid of his unpaid registration. To achieve this, just send an email to Registrar (registrar ( saying you want to cancel your registration because you will have one transferred to you.
    This will lead Registrar to delete your entry from the financial database which otherwise would keep on sending you payment requests.
    Registrar will inform the website administrator to delete your account. After this is done, you will get a short email by the web administrator saying your account has been deleted.
    Please allow a week for this process.
  • The buyer (now being free from his old registration) has to sign up again for the community. Please use the "sign up" link in the grey login-module of the Community-Page. The system will send a notification once we have approved the sign-up. Allow a couple of days for this process as well.
  • Once the buyer has his account activated (registration number in the 9000 range). The seller should transfer the registration to the buyer using the transfer - form in his profile.

The rest is like described in the main articles.


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