Late Registrations open

Registration for EuroHash 2017 has been closed, since the event was fully  booked.
With almost 800 registrations, this event has grown much bigger than we expected and the next weeks we will be busy to organize a great party!

However, after the last payment period has run out, we have cleaned the database and a couple of unpaid registrations have become free. So we decided, to give you another chance to register for the upcoming EuroHash in Vienna.

There is a Late Registration - form available in the community area. You have to login or if you don't have a login, you should sign up!

The conditions have slightly changed, but this "Late Registration" still is a full registration (for EuroHash, not the events in the week before!). Only difference is that this registration does not include a T-Shirt. These have been ordered already.

The Late-Registration fee is 260 Euro. All other conditions are the same.

The Late-Registration will be handled by Vindobona Hash House Harriers (VH3) and has to be paid in cash. We have already made it clear, that EuroHash 2017 is pre-register/pre-pay only. So we have transferred the remaining places to VH3.

This means, you have to go to the VH3 stall in the Bazaar and pay your registration cash before you go to the registration desk. Since this is all in the same room, this will be no problem.

Please note: To get a login you have to sign up for the community. There are articles on how this works in the Support area. (See mein menu).



to EuroHash 2017!

The committee

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