EuroHash is Pre-Register / Pre-Pay only

EuroHash and all the events during the week are a huge project for us and we had to find a way to get this huge thing organized in secure way. As you can tell, a lot of organization is needed for all the little details. Also from the financial point of view, this event is a huge thing.

In order to make this happen, EuroHash is strictly run on a Pre-Register/Pre-Pay basis.

There are various reasons for it, like:

  • We are running the event through an external company to clear the legal and tax side of the event. This way we can make sure all invoices are officially accounted for and taxes declared properly. Since Vindobona Hash House Harriers are no legal entity, this is the only way to go.
  • Most events involve a lot of pre booking and pre ordering. Just think of the tourist events during the week, which involve professional city guides that have to be booked in advance. Buses need to be hired and restaurants to be reserved. We also need support staff of any kind as well as we need to plan for beer stops, etc.
  • All these pre bookings have to be pre paid by us as well, so we would be stepping into a financial risk.
  • Most of the events are based on resources (guides, buses, etc.) that have fixed capacities. We can plan for any capacity in advance, but we cannot react on short notice.
  • In some cases we also have other legal restrictions and liabilities to consider (i.e. insurance) or we have to register the event with the municipal authorities (i.e. Red Dress Run) where we need to have numbers. From the legal point of view, it makes a huge difference if you are registering a private party or run a public event that is open to anyone (where one of the key differentiating factors is the fact that you run a box office and sell tickets on spot).
  • Not running on pre payment would mean the financial risk is completely on the organizing bodies.
  • And of course, dealing with cash means you have to staff a box office or cash desk, you have to count money and add another level of organization on all levels. Besides the risk of cash being lost or stolen.

So, once again, EuroHash and all events during the week are Pre Register / Pre Pay only (with the exception of the VH3 Runs on the Mondays before and after the event).

We will not accept any unregistered and unpaid Hashers showing up at the events. This includes the Red Dress Run as well as the Parties during the weekend.

We will not accept anyone trying to register at the registration desk for a registration on another name! The only way to take a registration from someone else is to properly transfer it using the transfer form.


We will be strict, please understand!


King Ralph &
the committee


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