Last Status - 796 Registrations!

EuroHash2017 was capped to 800 participants and we have almost reached this number even though we never expected this to happen. This is the last update of this page. See you all in Vienna!

What you should know:

  • The maximum number of people we can accept is 800. Once this number is reached, we will close registration. We will not be able to accept registrations on the spot during the weekend.
  • Also there is no way into the venue, if you haven't registered. Reason are legal and insurance restrictions. Please read more about Pre Register/Pre Pay
  • You cannot show up on spot and say you have taken over someone else's registration. We will not be in the position to accept this and we will not register you. But you can transfer your registration to another person. The market for second hand registrations has been opened. To find out more, please read the articles in the Support area.
  • The public Who's Cumming - List shows the number of registered people for EuroHash Weekend. This list does not include all those registrations that are in the process. This is why we keep you informed about the actual status with this article, which will be updated more or less daily.
  • There are various Who'sCumming Lists available in the community area including the Who's Cumming Lists for all the events from Monday to the Red Dress run on Thursday! You have to login to see these.