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VH3 Registration Party (Nov. 20th 2015)

Signing certificates during Regy Party
Signing certificates

On November 20th 2015, when registration for EuroHash 2017 started, VH3 gathered in a little neighbourhood bar in Vienna's 20th district for their first registration party ever! Besides the committee, a nice group of VH3 came together to welcome the first registrants.


Precisely at 18:00 (CET), first beer in hand and the laptop online, we opened the registration, had a cheer and a first beer. Everything was set for a great party, only question was if there would be any registrations this night?

The GM signing certificates
GM signing certificates!

Two minutes later, the first 15 registrations came in and we could see, this will be a great party tonight and a fantastic EuroHash Party in July 2017!

We started to welcome the registrations as they rolled in. It was unbelievable, after 43 minutes we cheered to our 100th registrant and Multiple Entry (GM of VH3) and King Ralph (Chairman of the committee) had a speech!

143 registration! Only 43 minutes!
143 registrations!

The whole evening, we welcomed, cheered and produced certificates for the first 100 registrants. It became a long night and since King Ralph has promised to pay a round of beer for every 50 registrations that night, he ended up paying 3 rounds!

We have not only been busy that night drinking and cheering, but we also produced a video, 100 certificates and a lot of photos of that event. This night definitively will be known as the first and most successful registration party VH3 ever had!

OnOn to EuroHash 2017!

(See more pictures here: VH3 - Photo Album (by Moron Bros. Incompetent)