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Third Man Day and other events - Late Registration open

Receiving tons of emails asking for a chance to register for some of the events during the week, it has been decided together with artemezzo to re-open registration for some of them including the Third Man Day! Please see the "Programme" Page to find out which events are open for registration again.

This means, that almost all parts of the whole event are open for late deciders:

  • Late Registration for EuroHash 2017 itself is open in the community area. You have to sign up first and then login.
  • Late Registration fur Red Dress Run is open in the community area
  • Late Registrations for some events including the Third Man Movie and Dinner, Third Man Tour (just a few places!), day are open

The only event, that is and stays closed, is EuroBash on Friday 7th. This is completely booked.


Most of you are travelling already and we will meet soon, but if you want to make it to an event, register now!


OnOn to EuroHash!

Yours truly,
the tired, exhausted and worn out