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News Update June 5th

Again, there is new information to share about registration for events, the Red Dress Run and the Bash. Registration for these events stays open till Thursday, June 8th. The Registration Transfer System will be closed tonight. Song Contest - First contributions online! Also we have updated the profiles.

Events before the Week:

We have some free places for some of the events during the week before EuroHash in Vienna. Registration stays open till June 8th. If you still haven't registered, you better do it now!

For the following events we still have some free places:

Tuesday, July 4th Vienna Highlights 8 places left
Wednesday, July 5th Third Man Day - Movie Show (Cinema, Morning) 15 places left
  Third Man Day - The Tour (incl. T-Shirt) 7 places left
  Third Man Day - Dinner approx. 20 places left
Thursday, July 6th Mission Impossible 3 places left
  Devils & Cake 9 places left
  Sisi & Sausages 4 places left
  Legends & Wine 6 places left
  THE RED DRESS RUN open for registration
Friday, July 7th BASH (Bike Hash) 3 places left
  Grinzing, Cheerio! 10 places left

Registration for these events stays open till June 8th (Thursday this week). If you want to make it, please register.

To find out how to register, read How to register for Events

Registration Transfer System to be closed

We will close the transfer system tonight (having waited for one Hasher to wake up!). This is the last chance to get a EuroHash registration!

Database Freeze in 2 days

Database will be frozen Thursday June 8th Midnight. Last chance to check your t-shirt size!

Registration Information on Red Dress Run/Bash

We are working on the Who's Cummin list for the Red Dress Run. The "My Profile" now offers a new tab titled "RDR/Bash Registration". This contains the first imported registration information on the Red Dress (Bash to follow). We have a lot of unclear registrations, so please come back to us, if you see a note like "Registration for 3 Persons. Please tell us their Registration Numbers".

This whole thing is still work in progress, but here is the first version of the "RDR WhosCumming" 

Song Contest

The first contributions for EH17 Song Contest are online! You can see them after login in the "Song Contest" menu. Have fun watching.  The online voting system will follow this week (I hope).


I am going to the Hash now!
Will maybe update this page tonight before sending out the circular message.


King R.