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Registration closes tonight

Registration for EuroHash (not the events before the week) will close tonight midnight (UTC). This is the last chance to register for EuroHash.

These are the oter deadlines:

May 31st 2017:

  • Registration for EuroHash closes (the main event)

June 3rd 2017:

  • Registration Transfer System will be closed.
  • Some fields in the registration form will be frozen (i.e. the T-Shirt Size)
  • Registration for events during the week closes (like Red Dress Run, 3rd Man Day, BASH, Touristic Events, etc.)

June 9th 2017:

  • Last update of payments database. All unpaid registrations will be deleted!


Since we have been too busy with other things, nobody took care of the Song Contest. There are some contributions here and on the way, We will come back to this in the next days.


OnOn to EuroHahsh!
OnOn to Vienna!