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Registration for Events during the Week open

Organization for all the events during the week before EuroHash is going on and we are happy to open registration for the first set of events! As you might have seen already on the different "Who's Cumming" lists that are available in the community, we have hundreds of guests already in the days before the EuroHash Weekend.

You might remember, when you filled our the registration form for EuroHash, we have given you the opportunity to pre-register for some events in the week before EuroHash. What has started as an idea to provide some framing programme for a handful of people coming to Vienna earlier, has become a very popular offer.

It starts with a"normal VH3" Hash on Monday, where we have more than 200 pre-registrations, with numbers building up to the "Third Man Day" on Wednesday and the Red Dress Run on Thursday! We have not expected this to come, but of course, we took the challenge and found a partner for this within our own Vindobona Hashers Community.

Together we have been working hard on an attractive programme for the week, which is online now and ready for registration.

Please note, that most of the events have to be pre-booked and we will not be able to accept short notice registrations and people just showing up without a registration.

Read more on the Programme-Page and make your choice as soon as possible by registering. Registration will stay open till Sunday, June 3rd.

The Red Dress Run is not yet open, because we are in the middle of there planning process. The same applies to the BASH on Friday, 7th of July where we still are calling for hares (see the Your Contribution-page). Both events will follow soon for registration.

OnOn to EuroHash!