Ready to upload your Song Contest contribution?

EuroHash is coming closer and so is the Cong Contest! The one and only Song Contest in the Hashing World, open to all Hash Chapters in the world!
Win a Keg for your Pack, Win a Barrel for you Kennel

What about a pre-lube on the Shetlands?

It may be on short notice already, but Aberdeen H3 have announced a pre-lube way up North on the Shetland Islands. The event will take place June 16th - 19th this year and maybe you want to enjoy some refreshing North Sea storms in the midnight sun, before moving on to the Continental Heat in Vienna!

We wish you a Hashy Christmas!

We wish you all a Hashy Christmas. Read the Christmas Special of our newsletter here.

A Happy New Year! (and Registration Transfer Open)

All right, we are only 3 days behind, but you can see we are improving! We wish you all a happy 2017 and may all your wishes come true!  Half way through that new year you will have the chance to recover from your heavy load! Vienna waits for you!

EuroHash sent you a silly Email!

Dear All. You might have received an email about a Monday Run a couple of minutes ago. Sorry, but this mail was not meant for you. As an Internet Newbie, I have made a mistake in the web site administration which caused the system to send emails.