Party Theme for Saturday

In a very dramatic committee meeting last week there has been a decision on a party theme for Saturday Night. We have received tons of emails asking for that and pressure was growing too high, so we had to sit down and finally decide. Of course there have been a lot of ideas on the table, but in the end it was a clear decision.

Hostel Booking closes April 30th

Please note, as arranged with the hostel, our deal with them runs out April 31st. As of then, you cannot book the hostel with the reduced prices we have offered now for over a year. The link on our website for requesting an offer will be deactivated April 30th midnight.

Registration for Events during the Week open

Organization for all the events during the week before EuroHash is going on and we are happy to open registration for the first set of events! As you might have seen already on the different "Who's Cumming" lists that are available in the community, we have hundreds of guests already in the days before the EuroHash Weekend.

Newsletter 23rd April 2017

This is a newsletter providing important information for everyone interested in EuroHash 2017 in Vienna. Please read it carefully, because in some cases, your action might be required. This newsletter has been announced by a circular message on Sunday, April 23rd.

We have started to organize the Bazaar

Like every major Hash Event, EuroHash provides the possibility to have a sales booth for everyone who wants to sell Hash Gear and Accessories. We have reserved a space in the same room, where registration for the event will take place. If you want to sell Hash related goods during EuroHash you should to let us know.