Song Contest Winner is ...

During the Saturday Night Party the winner of EuroHash 2017 Song Contest was announced. A lot people, registered for EuroHash or not, have participated in the voting, Even though the contributions came in very late and deadline was prolonged till about the last week before the event, the whole contest was a big success. Here are the details:

Free Hotel Vouchers!

As announced long ago, the hotels gave us free nights depending on numbers. We had a very long meeting end of May in our own Hash House to discuss a lot of things. During this meeting, right at the beginning while everybody was still sober (in a way), we had a raffle on the free nights.

Third Man Day and other events - Late Registration open

Receiving tons of emails asking for a chance to register for some of the events during the week, it has been decided together with artemezzo to re-open registration for some of them including the Third Man Day! Please see the "Programme" Page to find out which events are open for registration again.

Mijas H3 Song Contest Contribution Online

It really looks like the Song Contest is going to fly high! A very late contribution comes from Mijas H3 in Spain. This contribution also has a very strong marketing side since it is clearly an invitation to all of us to the Sunny Part of Europe. This song is supporting the Mjas H3 Bid for EuroHash 2019!

Song Contest Online

Did you see, that the first contributions for Song Contest are online? We have 4 fantastic contributions and the voting system is online as well! So, don't hesitate and have a lot of fun watching! Give your points (1-12 of course) , just like at the real European Song Contest. And the winner is....