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Song Contest Online

Did you see, that the first contributions for Song Contest are online? We have 4 fantastic contributions and the voting system is online as well! So, don't hesitate and have a lot of fun watching! Give your points (1-12 of course) , just like at the real European Song Contest. And the winner is....

Late Registrations for Red Dress and EuroHash have opened

Obviously the closing of RDR registration came too early for some slow Hashers and Harriettes. We therefore have installed a late registration for Red Dress Run. There is also a late registration for the main event, EuroHash 2017, itself.

News Update June 5th

Again, there is new information to share about registration for events, the Red Dress Run and the Bash. Registration for these events stays open till Thursday, June 8th. The Registration Transfer System will be closed tonight. Song Contest - First contributions online! Also we have updated the profiles.

Registrations Closed, Transfer reopened

We have closed all registrations for events (pre-lubes) before EuroHash, which includes the Red Dress Run and the Bash. The Transfer system has been reopened, you can still sell and buy a registration until shortly before he event. Please bear in mind, for security reasons, we cannot accept people that show up without a proper registration.

Registration for EuroHash is closed! Transfer System still open!

Last night we have closed the registration system for EuroHash 2017. The registration transfer system stays open until Saturday night (June 3rd). To buy a second hand registration is your last chance to make it to EuroHash! Registration for the events in the week before EuroHash will also close soon.