How to register for Runs

If you have been to bigger Hash Events in the past, you might have experienced all kind of approaches on how to organize the main runs. EuroHash will have about 800 registrants and we will have about 10-14 runs.

The 1 million dollar question is: How to organize buses for the runs to make sure people will get their seat in the bus they want?

There have been hundreds of different answers to that from other committees. All kinds of pre-registration, be it online before the event or offline during the event, i.e. a registration desk on Friday Night.

It never works and there is a very simple reason to it: Whatever people have registered for, they change their minds on short notice. Short notice meaning right before boarding the buses. There are many reasons to it, maybe they have met old friends during the night before, or they simply slept too long, or they just don't feel for running today. Whatever the reason, the basic rule is, you cannot organize the runs, buses and runners to meet all expectations.

This is why EuroHash 2017 will have a very simple approach:

The runs will be on a first-come-first-serve basis

(with the exception of the Ball Breaker Run)

All buses will leave at the same time (for correct time please see Programme) from the venue. You have to be at the venue in time to get to your bus or run collection point. It will be first-come first-serve. Only when all buses are full and everybody has a seat, the buses will leave. The details of the organization that Morning will be published here in time.

After the buses have left, we have the Ol'Farts walk/run leaving the venue. This one will not need a bus and will be the last chance for you to get on a run when you have missed the buses.

The Ball Breaker Run needs a pre-registration! Only pre-registered will be allowed on the bus. Please make sure, you have updated your profile and checked the "Ball Breaker" check box.


(This page to be updated from time to time, please come back and check).



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