How to register for Events

This is a little "How To" for registration to dfferent events during the week.
As you should know by now, EuroHash and all its events are strictly PRE-REGISTER/PRE-PAY (Read Preregister-Prepay).

Where to find the events

We have a page, called "programme" which can be found in the "The Even" menu (or by just following this link to Programme).

This list displays all details to all events. It is constantly growing as the event come closes and will be updated until the event takes places. This means, you should come back from time to time to find new information.

Before you have logged in to your community account, the page looks like this:

Each event is presented in a single row, that contains the main information on the event. If there is more information available, it contains even links to more details. The right column shows the registration information.

In this example, it tells you, that registration for this particular event is open and you have to login to see the registration link.

The registration link is not open to the public, since these events are for registered EuroHashers only!


How to register

First thing you have to do is Login to your account. Best way to do it is to follow the "login" link it the registration field. It will lead you to the login page,
In case you have problems to login, please check the articles in Support.

After you have logged into your account navigate back to the Programme page. You will see, the page knows you by now and welcomes you personally. It also provides the links to the registration.



You see, all you have to do now is to follow the link to artemezzo Events. It might take some time for the page to open, but in the end you will end up at artemezzo's page:


You will see a list of links above the picture of Vienna Opera with the links to an Overview, Jul 3rd till July 10th.

Just browse the dates and find all the events, read their detailed information and register for them by entering the number of people ("Quantity") and adding them to  the cart.

In the end you can check out by paying all events you have shopped online (Credit Card, PayPal). This is like in any other online shop.


OnOn to EuroHash!



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