The Third Man

The Third Man always played a role in VH3 history. From the first beginning, we had T-Shirts designed after this film, showing Harry Lime on the front side and playing with the words "Checking for the Third Man".

The Third Man is a film noir playing in post war Vienna, when it was divided into sectors by the victorious allies, and where a shortage of supplies has lead to a flourishing black market.
It tells the story of Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton), who comes to this place to meet his ex-school friend, Harry Lime (Orson Wells). He finds out that Harry has died in a traffic accident. Talking to some old friends of Harry, it soon turns out, that this is not the truth and he begins to dig into the story, to find out what really happened.
The story leads us trough the ruins of a half destroyed Vienna, dark back roads and underground into the Viennese canal system (sewers - find out more on that movie on Wikipedia).

The music, written and performed by Anton Karas on his zither (hear it here: The Third Man Theme) has become very popular and became something like an unofficial hymn to the Wine Restaurants (Heurigen) in the outskirts.
Of course, there was a beautiful woman, Anna Schmidt (played by Alida Valli), involved. If you now take the end of the film into consideration, which is the best end of a movie ever (see yourself), you have one of the best films ever!

We had lots of runs with the Third Man as a theme and we had a lot of reprints of the original black T-Shirt. Over the years, this T-Shirt has become very popular. Wherever VH3-Hashers are travelling, they are approached for this T-Shirt, always giving the same answer to the request: "You have to come to Vienna, because you can only get it there".

EuroHash 2017, also being our 35th Birthday Party will pay a tribute to the Third Man by organizing a "Third Man"-Day.

The tour will be mostly in buses, with an official tour guide on board that has been instructed by us. But there will also be some guided walks in the City Centre.
The tour includes a tour underground in the sewers of Vienna, some beer stops, one of of them being on the Viennas Riesenrad (the ferris wheel).

A special edition of the famous VH3 Third Man T-Shirt is included in the tour price.

The whole Third Man Day consists of 3 modules, that can be booked separately or as a package:

  • The Film
    Morning Show of the Third Man Film. We have booked a cinema (including their bar) for a show of the Movie (in English Language). Of course there will be a breakfast beer for you to prepare for the day.
    When and Where to meet: 09:30 in the Morning, Cinema "Burgkino", Opernring 19, A-1010 Vienna.
  • The 3rd Man Tour
    This is a full day tour, starting right after the movie show. It consists of a city walk bringing you to where the famous "cat-between-the-feet" scene (and others) was shot, the tour down to the sewers and the 3rd Man Museum, the Ferris Wheel including a beer stop, the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) where Anna Schmidt walks by Holly Martins ...
    The tour includes a special version of the famous VH3 Third Man T-Shirt, some Beer Stops and a Lunch Snack, all entrance fees, buses and guides.
    When and Where to meet: 12:00 Hotel Zeitgeist or 12:00 Cinema "Burgkino"  (parallel starts!)
  • Dinner
    See below, can be a part of the tour or book separately and meet the others there.
    We have booked one of the biggest Beer Gardens in Vienna for Dinner. The 3rd Man Tours will end there. The Dinner package includes a main course and desert, plus 2 drinks (beer or wine or softies)
    After dinner you can go and enjoy the Prater Amusement Park on your way home.
    Where to meet: Restaurant Luftburg, Waldsteingartenstrasse 128, A-1020 Wien or be at the tours, that bring you there
    We will have to reserve places and only pre-booked people can be accepted.

Go and register for the Third Man Tour!