Ok, here we are. Ready to Rock'n'Roll. Registration has started

Friday, November 20th 2015 at 18:00 CET (Central European Time).
(On the occasion of a VH3-Registration Party TGIF!)

Since January 1st 2017 we also provide a possibility for registered people to sell and transfer their registrations. Feel free to check the "Registrations for Sale"-list and buy a registration second hand. Or just go ahead and register.

To register, please follow the link below to be forwarded to the registration site.

Before you do this, please read these technical hints first:

  • This website has not been optimized for smart phones or tablets. It is made for a desktop with a normal display. Nevertheless, it works on IPads, Androids, etc. which was proven by the test run early November 2015. But you never now and we do not promise!
  • The website has been tested with Internet Explorer (11), Google Chrome and Firefox, running on Windows or Linux desktops as well as Apple systems. All of them of the latest versions. If you are running older versions of a browser, you should consider updating it to the latest version.
  • Especially using old versions of Internet Explorer on WindowsXP  or 7 will not work. They are simply useless and incompatible (wrong javascript engine). A workaround is to download a Firefox or Google Chrome browser for your old Windows system. They will work!
  • The registration form needs JavaScript (javascript) to be enabled in your browser. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the "Send"-button. Please make sure JavaScript is enabled in the settings of your browser. Please keep in mind that JavaScript has nothing to do with the programming environment called Java! If the send button in the form does not become active, this can be a sign that JavaScript is not enabled.
    • On Firefox JavaScript is enabled by default. In other browsers it must be enabled, which is no problem at all. There is tons of information on the web explaining how to turn JavaScript on or off. I.e. How to enable JavaScript in a web browser?
    • Please turn off any script blocker (ad blocker) for the registrations form. They could prevent the registration script from working correctly.
    • Of course you have to click the "Accept the disclaimer" - at the end of the form to activate the send button!
    • Please read the registration form carefully and provide all information that we asked for. At the end confirm the disclaimer and send the form. You should see a confirmation page after that.
  • An official confirmation will take a week (or two) now that the first rush is over (as of January 2016). Sending Payment Requests in 4 different currencies and updating the Who's Cumming List takes many steps to be completed, therefore it is better use of our time to do this in batches about once every 2 weeks. All registrations will be sorted by the time stamp (our server time) and nothing else.
  • All registrations have a time stamp (server time) which is taken the moment the SEND-Button is pressed and the form is sent.
  • Please provide one unique mail address per person to register, since this will be used as a login name for the community area in the future.
  • The registration form has been updated on April 26th 2015 to solve some technical issues we had (Microsoft Edge). It should work well now on all modern browsers.
  • If you still have problems after all this hints, use the contact form to get into contact with us.


And now, get ready!
Let's start the registration with the link below:

Registration Form (Ver.2.2)



Looking forward to see you in Vienna 2017!

to EuroHash 2017!