Red Dress Run

The Red Dress Run will be the traditional charity event.

After clearing a lot of questions with the authorities, we are ready to provide more detailed information and open registration for the Red Dress Run.

Red Dress Run - The Trail

The Red Dress Run will be a run/walk of about 9 km. There will be no "Runner" and "Walker" trail. It is one trail leading through the inner city to the famous VH3 Hash House. The agreement with the authorities is:

  • The trail will be marked with red chalk
  • We will move on public roads, foot paths and in pedestrian zones. No roads blocked for us, no police with us
  • We have to behave according to the law. This means you have to wait on red traffic lights, use the pedestrian walks. You are not allowed to run on the street or mess around with cars
  • There will be no checks of false trails on this trail. Take it as a guided tour
  • The trail will lead through heavily used pedestrian zones, full of tourists. It was agreed with the authorities that our runners/walkers will sneak through the other people and do not mess with the. Please do not fraternize with the locals.

Under theses circumstances we where given the allowance to have Red Dress Run lead you past some very nice places of interest and give you a chance to show off to thousands of Tourists (who might take this as an Austrian Tradition).

We will send you on trail in groups of about 50 people. There will be about 5 - 10 minutes in between the groups.

At the start  you will receive a warm up beer. Please crash the empty cans and throw them in our rubbish bags or public wastebaskets. The are everywhere and of course you are not littering!

There will be a beer stop after about 2/3rd of the trail.

The end of the trail will be the famous VH3 Hash House where we will have dinner and some beers.


The Start of the RDR will be at 17:00 when we let loose the first group of runners/walkers. We think the last group will leave at about 18:10. As of 18:15 we will close the Start.
Our crew will be available at the start as of 16:30.

Please note: You have to register for Red Dress Run before at the registration desk. Please check the programme page for opening hours.
We will not be in the position to register you at Karlsplatz.

Run Fee

The Run Fee is 55,- Euro per Person and includes:

  • A Red Dress T-Shirt
  • A Shuttle Bus from the Venue back to our hotels (evening only/Public transport is available as well)
  • Dinner
  • 4 Drinks per person
  • Ambulance cover during the run (Ambulance Car on hold for us half way through the trail)
  • A Charity contribution (The money raised will be split to "Mobiles Kinder Hospiz" und "Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder").

Please note: The above was correct for the standards registration. Late registrations will not receive a T-Shirt and they will be at 50 Euro each. We have some spare T-shirts for sale at the bazaar (15 Euro), but there is not enough for all the late registrations that we have got.

The Shuttle Bus

There will be a EuroHash Shuttle Bus going from the Hash House back to Hotel Zeitgeist and back.

It will go from 21:00 to Midnight.



Late registration is still open and you can buy a registration on the registration desk.