Costs and Conditions

Eurohash 2017 will be in the City of Vienna, what gives us a lot of possibilities for organizing a great event. Prices of course are Western European (a beer in a bar costs about 4 Euro here compared to 1.30 Euro in Eastern Europe) !

The registration fee will cover the following:

  • Dinner and Party Friday and Saturday Night
  • Hash Run/Walk on Saturday
  • Hangover Hash Run/Walk on Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Beer, Wine and Softies at the parties and at the runs
  • Haberdashery

The registrations fee does not cover:

  • Accommodation. We will provide links to places offering accommodation to reduced prices. But you can count on a double bed room to be something like 45 - 90 Euro per room/night, depending on the standard. More information will be available in time.
  • All kind of spirits, Schnapps, etc. at any time of the event.
  • Drinks and food outside the venue's location if not provided by us on the occasion of a run
  • The Red Dress Run and Party, as well as other pre- and post lubes by VH3, will be charged separately.
  • Surcharges of any kind caused by payment methods

What to pay:

Your registration fees will vary based on the time the registration was submitted, the date of payment and your payment method.

EurohHash will be completely documented and Online by 31st of October 2015. Registration will start as of November 20th 2015 (18:00 CET)

The registration fees for adults will be:

  • Registration fee for the first 50 registrations: 195,- € (Non VH3 - See below)
  • Registration fee registrations 51 - 100: 210,- € (Non VH3 - See below)
  • Registration fee registrations 101-200: 230,- €
  • Registration fee registrations 201-300 500: 250,- €
  • Registration fee as from 300 500: 260,- €  (adapted Nov. 23rd. )

The registration fees for kids are (Age at the event):

  • Baby (<2 years) - 20 € administrative fee. (No expected to take a seat in the busses)
  • Kid (3-10 years) : incl. place in the bus to the run. 50 €
  • Youth (11-18 years): incl. place in the bus to the run, 70 €

Registration has to be paid within a couple of weeks after receiving the confirmation mail. Details will be in this registration confirmation, that you will get by mail.

As agreed between the Masthead of VH3 and the EuroHash 2017 Committee, the first 2 registration waves are not open to VH3 Hashers, living in the City of Vienna or close by! They will be assigned registration numbers above 100.

How to pay:

We have looked into a lot of different payment methods and decided, that there will be bank transfer as the only payment method available. Payment instructions will be sent to you with your registration confirmation or shortly after.

Why no other payment methods? There is a lot of reasons to it.

  1. Within Europe, bank transfer is easy and almost cost free. All you need is the IBAN (International Banking Account Number) and the BIC of the receivers account.
  2. Transfers within Europe take 3 days maximum to be credited on the receivers account.
  3. The system works almost worldwide. Meaning you can transfer from all over the world, all you need is an IBAN and BIC, which will be provided. The US, once pushing the introduction of the IBAN, have not yet adopted it. But is works as well with the bank account number and the SWIFT Code which will be provided as well.
  4. PayPal is expensive to start with (fees on both sides are the same or higher as a bank transfer from US to an European account). On top, PayPal will not release the money you have transferred until some month after the event. It is a problem to do it on a private PayPal account (due to their money laundering protection system) and it is a hassle getting a commercial account. A lot of extra costs and system requirements on that side, etc. Just too complicated and too expensive for a service that is just doing what a bank in Europe does. We had long discussions with them. It just is no option.
  5. Other payment providers like Western Union, etc. - Feel free, to use them to transfer money to our account (which is possible). Just make sure, all fees are on you.
  6. Organizing international Hash Events for many years now, we have experienced that transferring money from all over world to an European Bank account is no problem at all. In some countries with lousy banking systems, the banks will tell you, they can't do it. But this is just lying. They are too lazy or have no idea of their job at all. All you have to do is go to the bank and ask for the manager. Then kick his ass and it will work! (Fees might seem high, but they are the same as on Paypal...)
  7. If you want to save on fees, it is no problem to combine transfers for other people on one transfer.

However, to open a possible solution to non-existing problems for some people, we have developed the concept of "Registration Proxies". Read more about it in the Registration Proxies article.

Upon registration or shortly after, you will receive an email with all payment information, bank account numbers, addresses of receivers, etc.


  1. Your registration is fixed, once it is payed for and confirmed (you are listed as "registered" in the Who'S Cumming list).
  2. If you have to cancel your registration, we will not send money back but gladly spend it on EuroHash 2017 for more beer!
  3. Your registration is transferable. You might use the discussion forum on Hash Space ( to try to sell it. We will provide a "registration transfer form" sometime in 2016 to give you a way to transfer your registration to another person.
  4. EuroHash is not a kid-friendly event. There is no discount for kids. If you think you want to bring your kids, feel free. It is your responsibility to make sure, they don't drink or get bad influences by being with EuroHash. Just to let you know: Legal drinking age in Austria is 16! (but you are not allowed on weapons until 21 and without a license!)
  5. Underpayments and Overpayments (normally due to bank charges and transfer rates) will be settled when you register at the event. We will try to notify in advance on over-/underpayments.
  6. All payments are due in EURO. This is the only currency accepted at the event. (Note: Due to political developments, this might change and the EURO will be replaced by German Marks or else)