It looks, like it has become a tradition in the past years to bash (Bycicle Hash) around and on popular request, we are going to have a EuroBash as well.

Here are the details:


We will have 3 trails of different length.

  • Trail A: about 50 km
  • Trail B: about 40 km
  • Trail C: about 30 km

The trails are on flat ground, no hills or mountains. They are almost completely on paved bike paths or hiking paths and separated from the car traffic.

The trails will lead you through the city, pass the famous Donauinsel (See Donauinsel on Wikipedia). You will experience some nice forests, lakes (with nude bathing if you look closely), beer stops (at least one, maximum five) and of course an opportunity to swim, with or without swimming trunks (weather permitting). Close to the end, there will be a lunch break and a chance to rest, befor all groups make ti home together.


EuroBash will start 09:30 in the Morning and return at about 15:00 to the rental place in the City. The hares will be at the rental place as of 09:00 to help you getting the bikes.

Please be in time.

Where to meet

We will meet at the rental place:

Vienna Explorer
Franz-Josefs-Kai 45
A-1010 Wien

This is very close to U2-Station "Schottenring".
When you come out from the station to Schottenring, you will find it easily. Maybe the Hares want to put some chalk markings on the ground to lead you. Or you just watch out for a bunch of people with bikes.

The Hares

We are happy to have a fantastic group of hares organizing this bash. Some of them have a lot of experience on setting Bashes on EuroHashes (i.e. Krakow), some of them have a lot of experience in organizing whatever. Some of them have an Army, Navy, Air Force background and they all know how to handle a beer mug. Short: They are perfectly qualified!

So, this is the Hare Line Up:

  • I Like your Boobs
  • Dr No
  • Dr Flatus
  • Mother Theresa
  • Any Cock Will Do
  • Come Again

Look at this team! Read the names and understand that this is a dream team!


There is an email address set up which will connect you to the hares. This email address is EuroBash[at]

The Package and the Price

EuroBash is almost all inclusive. The Package includes:

  • rent of a bike and helmet
  • Beer Stop(s) along the trail
  • Lunch in a beer garden including food and 2 standard drinks (beer, house wine, softies, water - if you need more, you have to pay)

The registration fee is 65 Euro, which is to be paid upon registration.

How to register

Registration for Bash will open soon and works exactly like registration for any other event on EuroHash. It is managed by artemezzo, so you can pay by credit card and by paypal as well (besides the normal bank transfer).

Please note: EuroBash like all events in Vienna are strictly Pre Register/Pre Pay

After your have paid your registration fee, you will be notified and sooner or later will end up on a Who's Comming List.

Closer to the event, the BashMasters will contact you asking for additional information, like your height, male/female (to prepare the bikes), Age Group, etc.

Other information

  • bike helmets are mandatory for kids up to 12 years of age.
  • even though helmets are not mandatory for adults, it is strongly recommended to wear them. You will be offered a helmet with your bike at the rental place. Make use of it.
  • We have pre-ordered 100 bikes, which leads to a maximum number of registrations we can take of 100.
  • even though the routes will be on bike ways separated from the roads, there will be some street crossings, etc. And it will be on a normal workday. With your registration you agree on following the traffic rules and obeye traffic signs, traffic lights, etc. We also ask your assistance in taking care of other members of our EuroBash groups.
  • with your registration you accept that EuroBash is completely on your own risk. Neither artemezzo, EuroHash Committee or EuroBash committee and hares accept any responsibility for any injuries, accidents, lost swimming trunks or unexpected pregnancies.
  • Vienna has a lot of beaches and places to swim that are open to the public for free (Neue Donau). The water quality usually is very good and when it is a hot day, it is a great pleasure to go for a quick swim. Even better, when a beer stop is nearby. So don't forget to bring your swim trunks and a towel...
  • Don't forget to pack some sun protection as well.


This page will be updated until the event, so please come back and check for latest news.


EuroBash and EuroHash Committee