Welcome to EuroHash 2017 Community

The community area is designed to provide additional resources on EuroHash 2017 in Vienna. There are 2 ways to become a community member and obtain a login:

  1. You sign up using the link in the login-module to the right. This will make you a member of the community and your mail address part of the mailing list. It also gives you the opportunity to participate in the Song Contest.
    But you are not yet registered for EuroHash! (See also How To Sign Up for EuroHash 2017 Community (MailingList)
  2. You register for EuroHash 2017. This will automatically make you a member of EuroHash community. You will get notified that your account has been created. To register for EuroHash 2017 please use the Registration.

Please note:
Everybody registered for EuroHash 2017 is a member of EuroHash community. If you have not yet logged in or forgot your password, please use the "Forgot Login" link to make the system send you a new password (See also How To Retrieve Your Password).

If you need help, please read the Support -pages first. Most of the questions have been answered already!

What does the Community Area offer?

  • You can change many entries in your EuroHash 2017 Registration (i.e. the T-Shirt Size or the events you want to participate in)
  • You can follow up your payment information
  • You can keep track about your raffle wins during the EuroHash registration phase
  • There are different "Who's Cumming"-lists available
  • The VIENNA SONG CONTEST takes place in here
  • You can book a hotel (Request an Offer that is...)
  • You can connect and contact other community members - Become friends!
  • You can buy and sell registrations (once official registration has been closed)
  • And there will be more to come...

The whole section will grow and become an asset for EuroHash 2017. Feel free to connect!