All about changing registration information

On an event with hundreds of participants and many registration options, there is a lot of information that has to be kept updated and complete. Since we do not want to employ a full time secretary to deal with hundreds of mails asking us to change this or that information, we give you the chance to update your information yourself.

1. Why should I update my registration information

The reason is quite simple. You want to make sure, that all the decisions we take based on the information we have is right. Here are some simple examples:

  • We will order T-Shirts at a certain moment and you want to make sure, you will get the right size
  • We might print your Hash Handle (Hash Name) on something and you want it to be spelled correctly
  • You have not yet registered for the 3rd Man Event. But once we publish more information on it, you decide to come.
  • etc.

You see, without you being allowed to keep your registration information updated, this would lead to a flood of emails, esp. when the event comes closer. And we would not be able to cope with this flood and in the end we would have a big mess.
Cut it short: Please help us by keeping your registration information updated.

2. When do I have to update my information/Freezing of the database

Well, actually, you can update your registration any time. Just login to the community area using your mail address and your password.

On top of that, there will be moments, when we will ask you to check your information. The moment, we have decided on which T-Shirts we will order, we expect to have more precise information on the sizes and the way the shirts are cut. We will publish this information and most likely adapt the section with the registration information. After that we will inform by circular mail etc. about that fact. And of course, we will ask you to check your T-shirt size in the registration.

Before we take a final decision (like ordering T-shirts), we will announce a date, when this section of the database will be frozen and no more changes will be possible.

3. Which data can be changed

In the community area, you can change all information that you had to provide during the registration. This is:

Contact Information Registration Information
Country of residence Gender (We are in Vienna! You can change any time!)
Hash Name Age Group (Want to become younger?)
Hash Chapter T-Shirt Size(will be frozen May 31st 2017!)
Mailing List (Y/N) Monday Hash (Y/N)
Password Tuesday Programme (has been frozen - Registration open on programme-page)
Avatar Third Man Event (Y/N) (has been frozen - Registration open on programme-page)
  Red Dress Run (Y/N)
  EuroHash 2017 (Y/N)
  Trail (Length)
  Diet Restrictions

4. Which data can not be changed and what if it needs to be changed?

You cannot change your:

  • name
  • email address
  • registration number
  • terms & conditions acceptance

If you want to change any of those, please come back to us by email or contact form.

Of course, all payment information in the "Payment Details" tab is unchangeable as well as most of the information on the "Specials" tab.

5. How do I change my registration information

This is basically quite easy. You have to login to the community area (read the "How To"  if you have problems with this) and navigate to the "Your Profile" menu entry.



This is the non-public section of your profile which shows you a lot more information on your registration than the public profile. And you can edit all fields, that do not have a light red background colour. Just type in the right information and do not forget to click the blue "Update" button at the bottom left of the page.



Once you have updated your information, that is it. You should leave this page and come back to have your browser update it to see the changes.


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