Why do we ask for an unique mail address per registration

There is some confusion around the community login and the need for a unique mail address. This is why we put this page together to answer all questions.

1. Why do we need the community area

The community area has been designed for various reasons. Here are some of them:

  • We needed an area where we can publish things that are not meant for the public and Non-Hashers.
  • We need an area where we can do things like the song contest without having to worry about copyrights for songs and music (see "Song Contest", once it is online).
  • We want to provide a possibility for registered Hashers to contact each other directly. The community area allows these "Connections", so you can get into contact with any other member of the community without sending us an email asking for mail addresses.
  • We needed a protected area, where we can implement additional forms like the hotel booking and the registration transfer (when you want to transfer your registration to someone else. This will be available in summer 2016 and be the only way to transfer a registration).
  • We want to give you the chance to check you registration details and your payment information. "Hey, what T-shirt size have I ordered?"
  • We needed a way to allow people to correct some of their registration information. You would not expect us to deal with hundreds of mails telling us to change the T-shirt size...

2. Why does the email address have to be unique

The email address is used as the login name for community area. Therefore we have to have one unique mail address per registration.

We use the email addresses for our communication with you. This is:

  • Sending you the EuroHash 2017 Newsletter (every 1-2 months)
  • Sending you system information, i.e. lost passwords

3. What if I do not provide an unique mail addresses

We have to keep all profiles that do no have unique emails blocked for login. This means, there is no way to change or transfer these registrations and there is no way to use the other resources of the community area.
We will ask for unique mail addresses from time to time by email. If you come back to us providing unique addresses we will activate your profile(s).

4. What can I do now?

In case you have used your email address for multiple registrations, here is what you can do:

  • Send us an email (contact form or contact(at)eurohash2017... ) and provide email addresses, telling us which registration numbers goes with which email.
  • If you do not own an email address (or you have one but don't want to use it for this purpose) - please go and register any free email (yahoo, gmail, etc. ) with any free email provider. You only need it to get your password to login. After that, just let it die. You can easily do this for any family member.


Hopefully all your questions are answered and we would welcome your cooperation in this!
If you have additional questions, please come back to us!


OnOn to EuroHash 2017!


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