How To Sign Up for Community

If you want to become a Member of EuroHash 2017 Community, you have to sign up for EuroHash Community.

What you have to know:

Signing up for EuroHash Community allows you to enter the community area and your mail address will be added to the mailing list.
But this is not a registration for participation in EuroHash 2017. To register for the event, you have to register using the Registration Form. Filing a registration for the event will also make you a member of the community.

Step by Step Manual for signing up for EuroHash community:

Step 1:

To sign up. please go to the community page and click the  "Sign Up" Link in the Login Module on the right.

The Login Module and the Sign Up-Link
The Login Module and the Sign Up-Link


 This will lead you to the Registration Form.


Step 2: The Registration form for Sign Up:

The registration for to sign up as a member looks like this:

Please fill in all information. In case of wrong entries. the system will inform you. If you want you can also upload an avatar at this stage, but this can be done later as well. Most of the information can be changed later in your profile.

When all fields are populated, click the blue "sign up" button to activate your registration.


Step 3: The confirmation:

After clicking the blue "sign up" button, the system should come back to you with a confirmation. It will also tell you, that an email has been sent to you with a confirmation link.


After a couple of minutes you should have received an email with the following content:

Click on this link in the mail (or cope paste it into your browsers address line).



This is the end of the confirmation process. You will have to wait until we have approved your confirmation. This is a security feature and has to be done. Depending on time restrictions, the approval can take a couple of days, but normally we do this within a day or two.


Step 4: Your new password and first login:

Once your sign up has been approved, you will receive an email that looks like this:

The email tells you the password that you will need to login. Please note, the login name is your email address. The User Name does not work for login and is for internal use only!

Go back to the website and navigate to the community page. Enter your email address and your new password in the appropriate fields and click the "Log In" Button.



Step 5: You have made it - Welcome to EuroHash Community!

After you logged in, the system will show a message telling you that you have successfully logged in. You will also see the community menu.