Some thoughts about this website

Experience from organizing many Hash events in the past showed, that it is always a good idea to have all information available online for everyone interested.

Besides, this website would save us a lot of time in answering individual emails coming up with questions.

So, after winning the bid back in Krakow and EuroHash becoming a huge project for the committee, we started building up this website. Based on a lot of preliminary information, we tried to answer as many questions as possible in advance.

Over time, this site grew and grew, more information had to be added and more questions, that reached us by email, to be answered. As time went by, we realized, we need a kind of hidden area, where we can publish information and other things, that where not meant for the public. This is when the community area came in (see the Why do we have a community area-article).

With Barefoot taking over the marketing and designing tasks for EuroHash2017, we got a lot of very nice headers, that made our simple basic design look even better.

Sometimes people where complaining about our website being to big, too much information, etc. That might be true, but on the other hand, we have a very limited number of emails with questions to certain issues, which seems to prove that we did it right by building up this complex system.

Of course, EuroHash is organized by volunteers dedicating a lot of private time into organizing this event besides all the other obligations, a work and family live brings along. And all this is done by amateurs, not professionals. We do not have a professional web designer for this site. It is mainly done by one or two persons and it is a constant learning process. Each new feature that we included (i.e. all the registration forms, the video player for the song contest, ...) always took a lot of time in trials and experiments. Even though we are based on a very powerful CMS-Framework (Joomla 3 and Community Builder 2), it is still a lot of work.
And of course there are things going wrong sometimes (you probably remember some of our excusing emails...).

Besides all this, most of the pages are written by non native - English speakers which adds another level of complexity, both for the editors and for the readers... (see the last chapter in the Disclaimer).

Another side of the coin is, that this site will be dumped after EuroHash is over. The next organizers will have to start from scratch again, as we did. And they will go their way and have their learning curve and in the end they will know, what should have been better...

So to cut it short, yes this site has a lot of short comings and there is a lot to improve.
And we thank you all for your understanding and forgiveness!

We promise to make it better for the next big event we will organize, let's say InterHash in 2074!


OnOn to EuroHash 2017!

OnOn to Vienna!


King Ralph for the Committee


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