Why do we have a community area

A lot of people have come back to us asking, why we have installed the protected community area. It would make live very complicated and they do not see the point in it.

Well, there is a lot to say to it, but here are the main reasons, why we have done it:

It makes our live easier:

  • We want to give you the chance to check you registration details and your payment information. "Hey, what T-shirt size have I ordered?"
  • And we needed a way to allow people to correct some of their registration information. You would not expect us to deal with hundreds of mails telling us to change the T-shirt size. Having organized many big events, we can tell you, it is a mess when people need to change registration information and only have the mail address to contact you. You will end up as a slave answering mails for hours each day. Just think of
    • Changes of T-Shirt Sizes
    • Diet restrictions after you have consulted a doctor
    • You have been renamed in your circle and want to change your Hash Handle, or
    • you have moved and want to change your Hash Chapter information

With the community login, we just let you change your information as you please. After announcement certain important fields will be frozen and that is it.

  • We needed a protected area, where we can implement additional forms like the hotel booking and the registration transfer (when you want to transfer your registration to someone else. This feature is available since January 2017 and be the only way to transfer a registration. Read more here How to sell and transfer your registration).
  • EuroHash in 2017 is a one week event. At the time, this article is written, we have 240 registrations for the "normal" Monday run with Vindobona Hash House Harriers. Numbers are building up to 300 on the Wednesday 3rd Man event. You see, this has become a huge event and we need to keep the organization in control. (Just have a look at the different "Who's Cumming Lists" in the community area (called "Member Lists"))
  • We want to provide a possibility for registered Hashers to contact each other directly. The community area allows these "Connections", so you can get into contact with any other member of the community without sending us an email asking for mail addresses of other Hashers (see How to connect).

And of course, there are other reasons:

  • We need an area where we can do things like the song contest without having to worry about copyrights for songs and music (see "Song Contest", once it is online).
  • We want to have a place, where we are amongst us and do not have to be too political correct. In case needed, we can call the things as they are.
  • ...

You see, there are lots of reasons, why we have done this.
And if you have made the effort to read all these articles in this "Support" area, you will even not have a problem to login!


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