How to find out your payment status

Upon registration we ask for pre payment for the event. This pre payment covers EuroHash Weekend and secures your registration for the event. Since the other events are not yet fully organized and no price available, we do not ask for money for them in advance.

Payment information on your registration is not published publicly. You have to login to the community area, to find our your payment status.

There are several ways to find out your own payment status (and if we have received your payment).

a. Member Lists

After login in to the community, navigate to the "Member Lists"  menu. in the drop down menu at the top right of the lists-page, choose the list named "EuroHash Weekend (incl. payments)".


This list will open and as you can see, it provides the number of valid registrations (in our screen shot it shows 560 registrations). These are the paid ones and the unpaid ones. (Unpaid registrations are cleared out every couple of months).



You can use the "Search button" to open the search criteria to find a specific registration.

b. Your Profile

Another way to find out your payment status is your profile, which also provides a lot more and detailed information on your payments.

Within the community area, go to "Your Profile" and open the "Payment Details" tab. You will find all information available on your payments.

There is a little explanation to all the fields on mouse-over. The "amount due" field even tells you, if you will get money back or if we will ask for money (i.e. because there where bank charges deducted). This will be settled upon registration.



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