How to connect to other members (become a friend)

One of the things you can do within EuroHash Community is connect to other members of the community (become a friend that it). This is a nice feature, allowing to send a message to someone you know using the system.

The advantage is :

  • You can contact a member without bothering us (by sending us an email asking for mail addresses, which we would not tell you anyway)
  • The member of your contact request will receive an email and he/she can decide if they want to come back to you or not
  • You, making the request will not see the email address of the recipient until he/she decides to come back to you. Thus privacy is kept
  • And of course: You can use this feature for contacting someone who wants to sell his registration (once the registration transfer system has been opened).

1. How to connect

To connect to someone is quite easy. All you have to do is to visit someone's public profile by choosing the name in one of the member lists.
Please note, this feature is not available in the public member lists that are accessible through the "The Event" menu as well.
To connect, you have to be logged in to the community area!

In this example. user "Alco Alzheimer" wants to connect to "Abbot Osguth"

To start, after login in to Alco Alzheimers account, we use the "standard member list" and use the search function (the button saying " to search for a certain member) to search for "Abbot Osguth".

After clicking the "Find Users" button, the members list will show the entry of "Abbot Osguth".

 By clicking on this user you will jump to "Abbot Osguth"s public profile, which will look like this:

Please note the 2 menu entries in the profile menu named Relationships and Friends.

To become Friend of a user, use the "Relationships" menu. The panel which opens will tell you that you have not yet established a connection with this user, but it will give you a button on the right side to request a connection.


Now, all you have to do is click this button "Request Connection".

A little window will open, which allows you to enter a text (which will be part of the email to Abbot Osguth).

After sending the request by clicking the "Request Connection" button, you will be redirected to the profile page and a message will appear, telling you, that the request has been send and is waiting for acceptance by Abbot Osguth as of now.


2. What happens after the Connection Request?

2.1. Your Profile (Alco Alzheimer's)

Well, after you (Alco Alzheimer) have sent the connection request you might see some little changes in your profile. First of all, if you go to your own public profile (i.e. by clicking on your name in the login module or by clicking "Profile (Public)" in the menu), you will find the "Friends" entry in profiles menu. If you click on it, you will see an overview of all your connections.

In our example, this panel shows you that you have a pending connection with Osguth. The little clock at the top of the icon tells you, that this connection is still waiting for approval.

Besides that, nothing changes at this stage.

2.2. In the profile of your connection (Abbot Osguth)

Well, first of all, your connection (Abbot Osguth in this example) will receive an email which reads like this:

Additionally, whenever your connection (Abbot Osguth) logs in, he will get a message like this:

All he has to do is follow the link an approve the connection. (Or navigate to the "Friends" menu in your profile and klick on "Manage Connections", where you can approve it as well).


2.3. In the profile of your connection (Abbot Osguth)

After approval, the system will send show this connection on both profiles and you can communicate by just clicking on your friends. Whenever you login, the system will show you if there are new messages, etc.


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