I Can Not Login

This is what a lot of emails are telling us. They normally say something like "I cannot login using the password I have received, please help me". The same applies to people that logged in, but don't see the registration links in the programme.

The system works perfectly, we can assure you. The vast majority of the EuroHash Community has no problems login in. So there must be a mistake on your side. This is a list of the most common mistakes, people make. Please read it carefully.

Possible mistakes in login in

You try to login but then you see the error "Incorrect email or password. Please try again" in a red line

  • You are simply using the wrong mail address. A lot of people have created an account with one of the free mail address providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. That works perfectly, but when trying to login you should use the same email address and not another one. If you have registered using an address "hasher @ hotmail.com" you cannot login with "hasher @ gmail.com".
  • The same category of mistakes is: People sign up with a "hasher @ yahoo.fr" address and then send us emails from "hasher @ yahoo.com" claiming, they can't login.
    What to do: Check your old emails from us and the email address you have used for sign up or registration. If you don't find it, come back to us providing your name, registration number etc, and we will get in touch with you.
  • A lot of people use the wrong password. They have successfully managed to get a new password from the system (see HowToRetrieveYourPassword), but they mixed up the emails and the password. They still try to use the first one. Please make sure you always use the last password the system has sent.
  • When typing in the password, please make sure you type it correctly. Esp. on tablets or mobile devices, it is very easy to create typing errors. Check every letter and make sure you use capitals where there are capitals, etc.

Please Note:
The Password that you will get might contain "0" (the number Zero) or "O" (capital letter O). In most cases your email system will display this correctly (the digit with a dot inside). But we have reports, that some systems do not show a difference. This is a setting of your system and can not be influenced by us.

  • When copying and pasting the password from the email that you have received, it can happen that empty spaces in front or behind the password are pasted as well. This cannot work since an empty space is a character and will be interpreted as part of the password which will not work of course.

You have managed to login, but don't see the registration links

  •  Refresh the page. A browser keeps a page that it has loaded in a cache memory, which means, you have to tell the browser to reload the page. Otherwise the browser will not see, that there have been changes in the page. In your case, all you have to do after login in, is leave the programme page (by navigating to "Home" ) and then come back to the Programme page.
    Now the links should show.

This are all the problems we have experienced by now. Let us know about other problems you had, you we can complete this list.

OnOn to EuroHash!


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