Events in the week before EuroHash 2017


Latest Update:
Due to high demand artemezzo has re-opened Late Registration for some events including the Third Man! Please see the Programme page. There is also a  Late Registration available in the community area for Red Dress Run.


During your registration for EuroHash 2017 you also have been asked to pre-register for special events in the week before EuroHash like the Third Man Day. These are events organized by EuroHash (we are not talking here about the pre-lubes organized by other organizers).

Now, with the event coming nearer and the fogs clearing, we are able to provide our plans for these events and the week.

The week before EuroHash 2017 is filled with an interesting programme to make this a true Vienna Hash Experience. The original idea was to provide a little framing programme for some of our friends that wanted to spend some extra days in Vienna. Now, almost 2 years later, we see that interest is very high and lots of people ticked the pre-registration buttons during their registration.

As a matter of fact, the week before EuroHash 2017 starts with more than 200 people having signed up for a "normal Hash Run with VH3" and numbers constantly building up from day to day during the week. We therefore had to find a solution to plan a manageable programme throughout the week.

We are very lucky to have a Harriette (Mata Hairy) with us, who is a great tour guide in Vienna and running a very successful tour agency (artemezzo, tours and events) here. It is with her help, we now have a programme with a lot of alternative events you can book. There are true Hash Events (like the Red Dress Run), touristic events (with a hashy spirit) and events, that combine the two, like the 3rd Man-Event.

There are some basic facts you should know about this programme and how all this works:

  • The events need a new registration.
    The tick-boxes in the registration and in your profile were only needed for giving us first numbers. We will deactivate them in the next days,
  • You have to register for these events online.
    The links are on the Programme page next to each event (but you have to login and then refresh the "Programme"-page to see the link). Once on the artemezzo website, you can use the shopping system to put several events into your shopping cart and pay for them online.
  • Registration closes June 3rd 2017
    Registration is open since April 13th and will close Sunday, June 3rd 2017.
  • All events are managed by an external company (artemezzo) with more or less help of EuroHash and more or less emphasis on a hashy spirit. But all events have to be registered for by using this companies booking and payment system, which includes credit cards and PayPal.
  • All registrations for events have to be paid before the EuroHash Week.
    There is no way to register on spot and there is no way to pay cash. If you haven't registered and prepaid you are not on. Simple and clear. There are 2 reasons for that.
    Number one is we have to know exact numbers to book the tickets, buses, tour guides, etc. that we need.
    And the second reason is, that we have problems with cash payments. (Please read No Cash Payments (needs login)).
    EuroHash 2017 is pre-registration/pre-pay only!

It might look a bit knotty for you, but it helps us to make all this happen!

OnOn to EuroHash!


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